Some Assembly Required…

by grafixworks

 …words that strike terror into the heart of most people over the age of 12. 

Yesterday and today I spent my day, in exclusion of everything, trying to assemble a workable office. Why assemble? I made the mistake of started tidying up and things got a little out of hand.

The room that is my office is an oversized closet with a closet, barely 9 feet by 12 feet. It has not been painted or really cleaned in years. I hate to guess how many years. Over that time it has become a sort of dumping ground for… well for just about everything, and the 9 x 12 has become even smaller. I should have taken a before picture. It sort of looked like one of those hoarder’s room, from that show Buried Alive. Just to give you an idea of the junk in here, I have pay stubs from 3 jobs ago, a couple of broken light timer, and lead type for a name I no longer use.

You get the picture now.  So Tuesday as I was sitting in those surroundings of my office/junk heap, I got the brilliant idea that if this office were organized, fresh, clean, and “feng shui” the job of job searching might not be so unpleasant. I would be more inclined to spend time here and if I get some freelance work it’ll be nice to hang out here. In theory this all just seemed like an easy project, now into the second day, I may have bit off more than I can chew.

Pitching the junk is harder than you might think. It all has sentimental value. If it didn’t, why would I have moved it 3 times? So I moved one more time, into the guest room. I’ll sort more brutally this weekend.

Yesterday I painted 3 walls before I ran out of time/energy. This morning I went to Ikea and got a bunch of storage, and desk, and have spent hours assembling it. My hands ache. After it’s been assembled, I sat at what is my new desk and looked out the window and realized this was a good idea. I see trees, birds, and the sky no matter if I’m at my computer or drafting table. I have nature to inspire me. I already feel better.

I wonder should I add to my resume that I capable of assembling Ikea furniture like fiend. I’m sure there’s a demand for that skill somewhere.