by grafixworks

ImageAll my life I’ve been shy, or for those that prefer the politically correct term “introverted”. I know it’s hard to believe, but from my perspective, it’s not a bad thing. I’m not hold up in my home office, wearing pajamas, banging away at a computer. All right maybe I am, but I’m not dysfunctional. I do shower and change before my husband comes home.

To set the record straight, being an introvert is not some character flaw that needs to be overcome. Actually I think it makes me uniquely qualified to work from home and have my own business. I listen to people, ask questions, and communicate when I have something to contribute.

Recently a client asked me, if I’d ever won any awards. Awards? An introvert winning awards? That would mean I would have had to submit my work for consideration. I could never do that. Bring attention to myself? Ekkkk! That’s not to say I don’t appreciate recognition for a job well done, but when finished, I’m ready to move on to my next project and looking back seems all rather…

Let’s face it I’m not a flashy, or flamboyant person. I’m solid, dependable, and I get the job done. I sound like a Ford F150 pick up truck. I really should go out and toot my horn, make myself visible, but how do I do that being an introvert? It’s seems like a contradiction. Is invisibility the result of being an introvert? Do I even want to be visible? I know I want my business to be visible, and my business is me. Right?

Hell, this is the trouble with circular reasoning, it keeps going around in circles.