Hello World, It’s Me!

by grafixworks

The real question is, “Me who?”  Is it the “Me” my friends know, my family, or maybe the reflection that looks back at me in the mirror?

How many times have any of you looked in a mirror and asked, “Who am I really?” This week that question has taken on a new meaning for me. This is the week I focused on completing my design website.

As any website this is all about self-promotion.  Let’s face it, who is really good any good at self-promotion? For me, I’ve elevated reserve to an art form. I’m just not good at telling the world about myself. I tend to down play achievements or accomplishments. I’ve always sort of depended on friends to endorse my abilities. As you can imagine this has meant that I’ve traveled under the radar for a good part of my life. Even when I have been recognized for a job well done, I’ve always said, “Ah shucks ‘twas nothing.”

So world the next time I’m asked, “who are you?” I can direct them to my website, grafixworksdesign.com, hold my head up and say, Monica Luchak, design professional.