Every Day, Everyday!

by grafixworks

2013 started with all the optimism associated with any new beginning, and twelve days into the New Year I’m struggling to keep the momentum alive.

The match that was struck midnight December 31st sparked to life, became a gentle flame, and now has begun to flicker some. The old childish frustrations for something to happen surfaced, and I grow impatient with my circumstances and myself.

Every day since the first has felt so… everyday. Don’t ask me what I expected. Publishers clearing house would have been nice, not likely but nice. Those who know me know that’s not how my life has worked. As a rule things don’t drop from the sky for me. I’m one of those that work for everything she gets.  Although I do have to acknowledge life’s little surprises. Finding a 5 spot on the sidewalk, pushing a button on the soda machine and getting a soda for free. I look at these as the cosmos giving me an “Atta boy”. This year I hope the cosmos sees fit to give me an “Atta boy” and two thumbs up.

It’s said the greatest journey begins with one step, maybe every day is meant to be everyday. The out of the ordinary days are like diamonds and not meant to be everyday. I’ll  keep my eyes open for those diamond days.