One Foot in Front of the Other

by grafixworks

I’m in the second week of a two-week assignment for the temp agency I’m with. From all accounts, I seem to be meeting their expectations, dare I say hopes. I don’t know yet if they’ll keep me on after Friday. However, the real million-dollar question is, “Will I be offered a permanent position?” I don’t have an answer to that one. They’re playing their cards pretty close to the vest. What I do know is they are in desperate need of someone. If I’m not the candidate, I hope for their sakes they hire someone with strong organizational skills, otherwise they will be in a major mess sooner rather than later.

This morning walking to the office, it occurred to me every one struggles with employment in one way or another. People are either working to find employment, struggling to keep what they have, or trying to get something new, even President Obama is in that boat.  Currently he’s working to keep his job. If that should not happen he’ll be doing what I’m doing, job hunting. The major difference between us though, is he will be swimming in a much larger pond.

Often I wonder how the long-term unemployed keep their spirits up. How do they keep going. It’s harder than I thought. Perhaps that’s why so many people have fallen off the roles and are no longer being counted. They’ve just stopped looking. Even though I’m doing this temp gig I feel myself being … antsy, maybe even restless. It’s hard to describe. Those that are going through this know what I’m talking about. Why can’t the hiring authorities see what a great, hard working person I am?

This evening I reviewed the several automated responses to postings from last month. They were all short and sweet, “thanks but no thanks”. The military rejection email was the most telling, “Due to the higher than anticipated applicant response to this announcement, only those applicants meeting the Best Qualified criteria were reviewed for consideration at this time.” High response? This country has an 8.9% unemployment rate and they felt the need to point out a high response rate. Duh! And what is Best Qualified?  They only want PhDs? 20 years of experience isn’t exactly chopped liver. I just hafta keep marching. Many years ago a drill instructor in my basic training platoon told us, marching is just putting one foot in front of the other in unison.

So, chin up, chest out, right foot first, hut, two, three, four, hut, two, three, four, “I don’t know but I’ve been told” …