Hi Ho It’s Off to Work I Went

by grafixworks

When I started this blog more than 6 weeks ago I gave myself a tagline that read “The Journey to find Employment”. Although that’s still true, I believe I’ll need to update that tagline to read, “The Journey to find Permanent Employment”.

Yesterday morning I went to work at a job assigned to me by my temp agency. I was there a whole 3 hours. This limited work day was so the exiting intern and department lead could brief me on the scope of work. This assignment is slotted to last 2 weeks. It could go possibly longer if they don’t hire right away and they are satisfied with my work. (Temp to Hire) As I mentioned in my blog post, Is Half an Opportunity Really an Opportunity? I submitted my resume to this organization weeks ago for the posting I’m now temping in. Curious. For the last few months they’ve had an intern, fresh out of college, keeping things going after the “regular” employee left unexpectedly.

Now I know 3 hours at the elbow of someone, prior to a long weekend, with the majority of the staff out, is not enough time to get a good sense for what the culture of the organization is like, however I found the physical appearances of the offices attractive. On the surface the space is lovely, sort of monochromatic with lots of glass, marble, and metal, very clean, polished and professional looking.  It’s in direct contrast to my last organization’s offices. Their suite had more of an industrial, minimalist, circus feel.

According to the intern who briefed me, the work is similar to what I’ve done before and should not be a problem at all. What interests me is that they are looking to do polished and sophisticated materials. With all my experience in printing, and specialty folding and cutting, I’m confident I’ll be able to give them some interesting and fresh looks. I believe they’ll benefit from my knowledge and experience. We’ll see.

For now I’m going to enjoy my Labor Day weekend, respond to any job posting I may have missed last week, and prepare myself emotionally to go back to a 9 to 5 job, for at least two weeks.