Is Half an Opportunity Really an Opportunity?

by grafixworks

Here we are a mere 3 days away from the official end of summer, meteorological summer has another three weeks. However, for this writer and every school child, teacher, and working person Labor Day marks the end of those “hazy, lazy days of summer.”

When I worked for my previous employer the end of summer always brought panic, punctuated with sheer desperation. It was generally final preparations for the annual conference, budgeting, and trying to bring in enough revenue so they could make those numbers that were projected 10 months earlier. I’d be lying if I said I miss that. Not that I didn’t get energized with the hectic pace but weeks of hectic was just plain insane.  Weeks and weeks of 12-15 hour days before the conference and then 18 hour days during the conference. Ekkkkkk. Dirty little secret, I use to enjoy the actual conference, talking and interacting with the attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. It was all the bull before that was horrible. I’d always be to tired to enjoy myself and the people.

This time I’m looking at Labor Day differently. I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming weeks. Days that are warm not hot and humid and evenings that are cool and comfortable.

As it turns out I have something else to look forward to. The temp agency I interviewed with 3 weeks ago, the agency where I totally botched the audition (see Performance Anxiety post), well they called. They have an assignment for me. It’s only for two weeks, but hey it’s a job. It’ll get me out of the house and keep my skills sharp, I’m over tutorials. I start tomorrow and work for 3 hours. Seems they’re only working half a day and the person I’m taking over for wants to give me the run down.

Seems this job is a temp to hire position. Now comes the really strange part, the assignment is with an organization I applied to 3 weeks ago. How odd is that? All afternoon I’ve been asking myself, “Self, is this an opportunity, or half an opportunity, and does it really matter?” If they like me can they hire me? If they can hire me will they have to pay the temp agency a “finder’s fee” even though I applied to them before I applied to the temp agency? I’ve the temp agency aware of my status and they still want me to go through with the assignment. I bet I’m the only person they could get on such notice. I had hoped a freelance gig would come through from a friend of mine but this will be good too.

Sooooooo, I guess I’ll color my hair, iron a pair of pants and blouse, and go off to work tomorrow, for 3 hours at least.  Feeling like a half opportunity.