“Make Money in Your PJs?”

by grafixworks

I knew it would only be a matter of time before the spammers would find my email address.  In some respects I’m a little surprised it took them this long.

Before my job search adventure I have always been extremely careful whom I gave my email address to.  When a cashier asked for my zip code or email address I always declined, even if they offered a discount to get the information.  Unfortunately that has now all been for naught. In the world of job search, without exception, everything is done via email.  I have not snail mailed a resume at all.  Even if I had snail mailed my resume, I have my email address in the header. I know, I should have used a phantom email address but I admit it, was naïve. I thought the job search sites would not publish my email. Live and learn.

This morning when I opened my email I had 19 emails caught in my spam folder.  There were the usual MacMall, Lands End, and Amazon eblasts but mixed in those legitimate solicitations were more than a half a dozen get-rich quick scheme emails. This is the first time I’ve received anything of that nature. These solicitations ran the gamut from obvious pyramid schemes, to offers to use my website for hosting “adult content” aka porn, for a fee of course. It’s mind-boggling. Do people really respond to that junk? Below is one of the more benign solicitations.

Hello there,
I am Scott and I wish to show you how I greatly improved my standard of living. Now, I bring in a lot more than in the past, all at home, and work no more than a number of hours weekly! I spent a lot of time online, trying to discover an online offer that will bring in stable income. I kept on wasting my saving until I came across this program. I have access to all the information and the step by step guidance once I signed up. The kit educated me how to use my PC at home to generate a living. All you need is an online connection, that’s it. Zero former knowledge required. I took 48 hrs to check out all the facts and started out seeing earnings came in. It is so easy to do!

I can’t wait for tomorrow, to see what sort of ridiculous offers I get. If past experience is any indication they’ll get more and more outrageous.  In no time I’ll be able to sit in my bathtub and make a small fortune. In my life I’ve accepted one thing as a basic truth, “If it seems to good to be true, it more than likely is.”