Sumthin’ fur Nuthin’

by grafixworks

As I do most weekday mornings I sat down at my handy dandy, trusty computer to do some job mining.  Over the weekend my ever-efficient hubby had sent me job postings he had found. As fate would have it the very first posting I looked at had already been pulled. Goes to show you, miss one day, and the world just zings right by.

Over the last weeks that same ever-efficient hubby has periodically sent me postings for part time jobs. Up until today I’ve not taken them to seriously. Most of these opportunities were/are from Craigslist, not generally the most reliable resource. That’s why I hadn’t taken them to seriously. However, this was another morning and with one job gone even before I could apply, I thought I’d give part time a shot. I applied to the posting. I sent a nicely composed email with my resume attached into the Craigslist void. The guy who posted that opportunity must have been sitting at his computer, because I got a response almost right away. He reminded me it was a part time job and how much would I work for? His exact words, “What is your hourly rate and for now this is a part time position 5 hrs. a day, 5 days a week.” I had to responded to such an eloquent email. I informed him I was good with part time and told him what my rate was, but that I was willing to negotiate. I even gave him a discount on my rate. So what did I get for my well thought out response? Nada, zip, bupkus. You’d think the guy could say, “thanks but no thanks.”

I’m starting to believe employers are looking for something for nothing. Hell, in this current economic climate PhDs are willing to work for minimum wage.  Mark my words, one day in the not to distant future, the worm will turn, and employers need to pay a fair wage for a fair days work. However for now, “I got plenty of nothing and nothing’s plenty for me.”  —George & Ira Gershwin