Digital Black Holes

by grafixworks

This is ridiculous; I’ve been at my desk for most of the day. I know, you’ve heard me say it before, but it’s worth say it again, job hunting is definitely not for sissies. You drop resume after resume into various HR blind mailboxes, aka black holes and never hear anything back. It’s enough to make even an optimistic person feel down in the dumps. Good thing I had a little something to break the monotony of day. That lady I got the email from yesterday, called, and we had a mini interview. It was nice to hear a human voice, and she was very complimentary of my skills and demeanor. I can’t lie it felt pretty good, even if I never hear from her again. She said she would call next week, like I haven’t heard that before, but hope springs eternal.

Just a short while ago an email came across from the temp agency I signed up with, the one were the audition went so badly. Seems they may have a two-week assignment next week. Another wait and see. I remember the military being a lot like this, hurry up and wait.

Outside of job searching, I did take a little time today to photograph an old desk and baker’s rack I want to sell on I had to download the software for our camera and go through all sorts of gyrations to get the photos to uploaded, but I have it now. If I’m lucky, maybe, I’ll never have to use it again. There must be more than 100 images on the thing. My husband would kill me if I accidentally deleted something.

Anyway, I got the pictures uploaded to my computer and then attached to their respective ads on craigslist. I sure hope they sell and this is not another digital black hole. These are great pieces of furniture. I just don’t have a use for them any more. You never know unless you try. The last time I used craigslist was to sell our 1996 BMW and it sold right quickly.

If this craigslist experience goes well, maybe I’ll try to sell some of the other things I have piled up and never use.  My basement and closets are not unlike the Island of Misfit Toys. It would be nice to find a home for them. No, I’m not going around the bend. I’ve not assigned human characteristics to inanimate objects, but it was a little spooky when the closet door in my office opened up all by it’s self and a stuffed cow fell out. Coincidence maybe, maybe not.