Employment See Saw

by grafixworks

I knew a day like yesterday would eventually come. A day that makes you wonder why you make the choices you do and what the future might hold for “a woman of a certain age.  

When I was younger employment was simple. Employers put an opening in the paper with an address, the applicant goes to the location, fills out an application, and talks to the hiring person. You either got hired or you didn’t. Today the dance is subtle. You troll the internet for “opportunities” and then drop your resume into the abyss. It’s humbling. 20 years ago I was under qualified and now I’m over qualified. Does anyone win on that see saw? I’m a fighter. I won’t allow doubt to undermine the progress I’ve made. I’m making myself a deal. I’ll allow myself one blue Tuesday once a month. Maybe I won’t need it, but I’ll allow it to myself, but no banking blue days.

Today is a new day. Got an early start on the search, and answered several postings. Of those a couple are promising.  I’m becoming a regular little blood hound, sniffing out postings.

Because I got an early start, I took the time to go get the truck’s state inspection. Now that was a waste of time and money.  It makes me insane to have to pay to have my vehicle inspected and if it doesn’t pass have the same mechanic repair it. Call me weird but that sounds like a conflict of interest.

(Deep sigh) Tomorrow is another day and there will be another post.