by grafixworks

Monday and I’m into my second week of being unemployed. Vacation days are gone now and I’m on my own. I’m not liking this.

I’ve been chained to my computer for hours redoing my website. I started Sunday afternoon. It went into the evening, night, early early morning, up until just now. Normally this would not have been such an emergency, but I realized Saturday that I did not have a place where job prospects could see some of the work I’ve done. Weeks ago I deleted my original website because I thought I would do something more “whiz bang” but I never got around to. What makes this even more interesting is that since that original site was laid to waste, “Just Host”, my hosting company updated and the original skin is gone. So I had to start from scratch using Word Press. After I get a job I may role this blog into that site. Anyway, I’m done for now but will be tweaking for weeks. It’s not sexy but it’ll do what I need it to do.

As far as job leads are concerned, this week is starting out slow, really slow. Of the phone interviews I had last week the one on Friday went reasonably well. Interesting company, but I don’t have a good read on what they’re really looking for. Leads me to think that maybe they don’t have a read on what they want either. Those kind of jobs are tough, but with the right company you can make the job your own.

Earlier today I took a break from the website to face my nemesis, the elliptical. I swear I can hear that thing laughing at me when I go to use it. Today I figured I’d take the bull by the horns, I stare it down, approach with confidence, climbed on, and the damn thing threw me off. Yes, I know it’s an inanimate object but I stepped on the pedal and it lurch forward, lost my footing, and I fell off. That thing is like the mechanical bull in the movie Urban Cowboy. Only difference is there’s no John Travolta cheering me on.

Took a by on the giant red ball. Two humiliations in one day is more than I can stand.

Great news for me, I’m down another pound and a half. Stepping off the scale I was feeling pretty good about myself until I realized the reason I’m loosing weight is because the, ever full candy dish on a coworker’s desk is now 12 miles away and not just down the hall. God, I miss Pam! Not just for the candy either, but the candy alone would be a good enough reason.

Well, I think I should figure out what I’m going to give my sweet hubby for dinner tonight. I’m thinking something fattening. Then I’ll look even slimmer when I stand next to him. Waaaaaaaahaha (evil laugh)