Here fishy fishy

by grafixworks

I do not foresee the demon elliptical and I ever being friends. I spent half an hour on that hunk of junk and thought I was going to keel over. I never realized I had let myself go so far.

After the humiliation of the elliptical I thought I would keep up the momentum and do some floor exercised with a giant red rubber ball. Yes, a giant red rubber ball?  I’ve seen them used at the gym and always thought they looked goofy and the people that used them awkward. This is the first time I’ve ever used one and it’s as awkward as it looks. We’ll see if it gives results. It not I’m donating it to the dog to play with.

Yesterday when I asked if Karma was listening, I knew Karma is not fate, but free will, where I control my own destiny; however, you can never underestimate a little bit of luck and today I had a bit of it.

I actually got a nibble on my resume. Felt good. Will I get an interview? Maybe. Do they want a mature, over achiever? Anyone’s guess. At least I got someone’s attention. I look at the search for a job like fishing. You drop your lure in a lake or stream and see what bites. You just never know what the fish will bite on. It all depends on weather and water conditions. (Kiki would be proud of that metaphor) By customizing each resume and cover letter to the posting, it’s like using the right rod, and lure for the water and weather conditions.

I guess I’ll continue tying my flies and hoping I can tease something or someone to bite.